Multiple industries


UBS is a client-focused financial services company that offers a combination of wealth management, asset management and investment banking services on a global and regional basis. UBS is the parent company of the UBS Group (Group).

The operational structure of the Group comprises the Corporate Center and four business divisions: Wealth Management & Swiss Bank, Wealth Management Americas, Global Asset Management and the Investment Bank. As of December 31, 2009, the Company operated about 973 business and banking locations worldwide, of which about 42% were in Switzerland, 41% in the Americas, 12% in the rest of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and 5% in Asia-Pacific.

Working at UBS

UBS's businesses benefit from the regular exchange of a knowledgeable and mobile workforce. The opportunity for employees to move from one role to another, even across their business divisions and regions, is an important growth driver. To support this, UBS foster an internal labor market. We find that the skills you gain in one role can often be extended to others, allowing you to build on your strengths and develop new abilities. By changing up roles, you can grow your professional network and contribute your expertise to the success of another business area. UBS encourages cross-business collaboration in their daily work and value career mobility at all levels of the firm.

UBS is a company that can broaden your horizons, however you define them. When you put in the time and effort to help UBS reach their goals, they are ready to provide the opportunities to help you reach yours. Whether it is moving up to a role with more responsibility or moving into a role in another region, UBS is willing to co-invest with you in your long-term career.